Monday, March 4, 2013

Moving over to LightShine.....

Greetings Followers of The Trinity and The Trailer Park! I will be combining my blogs down to please follow me from now on at LightShine Pine Ridge at  This blog will be deleted in the next few days. I will be blogging more reguarly at that site. I have a few things to say and a few stories to tell. Thanks!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Torn Supremacy

This is a special piece to me. Collaged with torn pieces of reprints of the original hand-written Fort Laramie Treaty. A Treaty that the United States Government broke in so many ways as to render it as torn as this collage.

Collage on board 14x24....ready to frame...signed...$220. With frame and under glass $265. The sale of the piece will help us pay for our trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation later this week.

If it doesn't say "sold" under the is still available.

Thank you!

$220 Unframed

$265 Framed

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heading to the Reservation

Happy New Year! And so our new year begins with our next trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation scheduled for this coming Monday! It has been a particularly cold December and continues now into January. We are happy that our multiple truck loads of goods will include mostly mattresses (this is an essential need to get children and elders off the floor) and over 150 blankets and boxes and boxes of coats.

Our trips to Pine Ridge are funded entirely with donations from friends and family. We need to raise enough money to get us there, keep us there a week or so and get us back home. Please help us help the Lakota people during this hard winter. You can send a payment directly to me through Paypal by using my business address of or, for a tax deductible receipt, use the Donate button at LightShine Pine Ridge. You may call me at 719-510-3433 to use a credit card directly. Checks can be sent to us at LightShine, PO Box 36, Whiteclay Nebraska 69365. In most browsers the Donate button below will also work.

Thank you so much for all you have done this past year...if you have wanting to help, but have not as yet...we welcome your joining our family of people with a heart for The Lakota.

God Bless You.....
KC, Meghan and Robert

The LightShine Crew

**To see a 5 minute video of some of our favorite images of 2012 from our time on The Rez check out this link....