Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rez Bedz

If I had ten bucks for every time a mother from the Pine Ridge Reservation comes into LightShine and asks for a mattress...I could get more mattresses! It is by far the main item they request. When I gave Liberty Yellowbird her sweet little bed that my mom donated....Liberty's mom said excitedly..."Oh her first bed!" Liberty is 10.

I just got home from the Rez a couple of days ago and am heading back Tuesday with hopefully another full U-Haul of furniture...and I hope 20 mattresses. That is my goal. If you live in Longmont or nearby northern CO and have a gently used mattress you can donate (frame and box springs nice, but not necessary) please let me know and I will pick up. If you can bring to me, please write and ask for my address. Share this e-mail with friends, family or your church. If you would like to help me be able to purchase inexpensive mattresses at yard sales, thrift stores or on Paypal addy is

And thanks to those of you who made it possible for us to hand out hundreds of bottles of water last week.  There will be some relief from the heat over the next few days. The water was greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all you do....Keep us in your prayers...See you back on the Rez.


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